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iCivics- play "Do I Have a Right?," "Argument Wars" and "Supreme Decision."

Geography/ History
Coast to Coast- make a coast-to-coast road trip

Conquer the Continents- identify as many as you can in one minute!

Conquer the United States- find the state on the map

election game

GeoGame- interactive geography game

Geography Games- with 14 categories, including: cities of the United States, France, Mexico and Austria, you can have fun learning!

Geography Hangman

Geography IQ-online world atlas "packed with geographic, economic, political, historical & cultural information".

Geography Quiz

Global History & Geography Multiple Choice Questions

Hiroshima Quiz

History Mystery

HyperHistory Online- over 2,000 files covering 3,000 years of world history

InfoPlease Interactive Atlas- from Fact Monster

Learn About Finland- for grades 9-12; video clips & quizzes

Lewis & Clark- from National Geographic

National Geographic Maps- map games

The Oregon Trail- interactive site produced by History

Place the State- test your geography skills

Playing History- 126 games

Presidents & First Ladies Game- interactive online

Road Maps & Mileage Tables

Salem Witch Hunt- interactive from National Geographic

States Web Games- locate the state, place the state, state postal abbreviations, state capitals etc. Different levels.

Timeline-rearrange the events so that they are in chronological order

U.S. Constitution Trivia

United States Presidents Trivia Game- interactive online game

United States Quiz Game- select your level of difficulty

Vector Kids- state capitols

World Capital Concentration

Information Literacy
Dewey Cartoon

Do the Dewey

Do We Really Know Dewey?

Interactive Dewey

Kids Click for Dewey

Order in the Library- a great interactive game to practice shelving!

Tour the Dewey Decimal System- Flash video

Language Arts
Activities for ESL Students

American Literature Trivia


Correct or Incorrect?- check your grammar

English Zone- the BEST English-Learner's site on the Net!

Grammar Bytes

Home for Abused Apostrophes

Middle School Vocab

Parts of Speech

Passive Voice

Preposition Practice

Self-Study Grammar Quizzes for grades 2-6; compete with your peers in an online spelling bee

Using Nouns as Adjectives

Word Game of the Day- from Merriam-Webster; word games, downloads

Algebra Flash Cards

Algebra Matching

BasketMath Interactive- exponents (in Spanish and English)

Billy Bug- helps middle school kids learn coordinates

Billy Bug 2- a new quest for middle schoolers

Decimal & Whole Number Jeopardy

Decimal Multiplication Football

Decimal Quiz

Dr. Gee's 3D Lab- geometry


Fish Tank-probability


Interactive Graphs

Line Jumper Algebra

Manga High- number and algebra games

MathCar Racing- integers

MathDork- view 10 of 24 lessons for free

Math Playground- for middle school

Motivating Math- practical math for people on the go

Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies- integers

Online Graphing Calculator- Java mathematical graphing system


The Ruler Game- learn how to measure using a ruler

S.O.S. Mathematics-Algebra

Virtual Coin Toss-probability

Mind Games
Brainbashers-brainteasers, puzzles, riddles, games & optical illusions

Braingle- brain teasers, trivia, games

Fit Brains- brain games, brain fitness

Mindcipher- challenge yourself to brain teasers and logic puzzles

Play With Your Mind-collection of original mind games and IQ tests

The Amazing Human Body

Anatomy Arcade-games are sorted by body system

Animal & Plant Classification Mini Quiz

The Art of Crime Detection

The Atoms Family- from the Museum of Science in Miami, FL

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits

Cell Inspector

The Compass Activity Page

Cow's Eye Dissection

Creative Chemistry Crosswords

CSI:Web Adventures- learn about forensic science

David's Whizzy Periodic Table

Digestive System

DNA Detective

Ecokids-games and activities; waste, energy, wildlife, climate change

Edheads- great games for your brain!!


Energy Kids

Gadget Anatomy- site has an Inventor's Toolbox

Game for Science- they claim to be the "first virtual world for science"

Hitting the Target- learning angles through sports

Human Body- for Middle School (6th,7th)

Inventor & Inventions

Melting & Boiling

Microscope Magnification

Mitosis: an interactive animation

NASA Space Place- word puzzles, scrambled pictures, quizzes and a board game

Periodic Table Quiz Questions- choose your grade level...

Periodic Table Tetris

Playing Science- 23 games for biology and physics

Science Review Games- choose from astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, geology, physics.

Science Stumpers- play against your classmates

Space Flight in 60 Seconds- choose from these 60 second videos from NASA

Stop Disasters Game- disaster simulation

Tiger Adventure Games- from the Minnesota Zoo

Vascular Plants

Various Educational Games
ABC Ya- for younger kids

AT&T Internet Safety Connections Game- for younger kids


Discovery School Brain Boosters



Virtual Labs
Edheads- virtual knee surgery, weather, machine

Microbe Zoo

The Mixtures Lab

The Virtual Body- site is in English or Spanish

Virtual Frog Dissection

Virtual Open Heart Surgery- from the Australian Broadcasting Network; very cool!

Virtual Pig Dissection

Virtual Plant Dissection



Ms. G's Lessons

Google Search | Using Google Apps and Drive | Scavenger Hunts


Google Search

The Google Guide- choose from novice, expert or teen and click to find sample queries, understanding your results and cheat sheets to view. This is a very helpful guide!

Google Guide Quick Reference

Google Scholar Advanced Search Tips

Google Search Features- shows you everyday essentials, reference tools, choosing keywords, local search and trip planning

How Google Search Works - interactive explanation




Using Google Apps and Drive


Google Drive Reference Sheet- all the info you need to get started

Google Drive Support- assistance from Google

How to Get Started With Google Drive-video from CNET

Scavenger Hunts

Email Internet Hunt

Find Information: Boolean Searching

How to Find Information on the Internet: Keyword Search

The Internet: Basics- an online scavenger hunt about the Internet

Internet Scavenger Hunt


Helpful Mobile Apps


EasyBib- Android, iPhone

Evernote- organize your life by syncing computer, smartphone, iPad
Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iPod

Test Preparation Assistance

Use this pathfinder to help you study for the HSPA, PSAT, SAT


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